Rivne Regional Association of School Partners (ASP)

 (Rivne State University of Humanities)


Rivne Regional Association of School Partners (Rivne State University of Humanities) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization.

We are focused in three different fields: education, culture and social life.

The main objectives of the organization are: to incorporate the principles of democracy and multiculturalism into the educational process; implement innovative tteaching technologies and approaches; promote combination of formal and                                   informal education; encourage intercultural learning, active citizenship and leadership; develop and support the cooperation in the field of national and European values. We also aim to facilitate youth cultural initiatives in the field of heritage protection, development of cultural and creative potential of youth.

Active involvement of people with fewer opportunities into cultural and artistic life of the country and the promotion of inclusive art in the Ukrainian society and abroad are in the circle of our interests.

We encourage young people to be engaged in volunteering work in educational, cultural, social sectors.

We foster mobility of the young people of our town communities in EU countries.

ASP activities are directed toward the creation of positive image of Ukraine in the international cultural space; development of the national and international partner network in the sphere of cultural and creative industries; promotion of intersectoral cooperation. Our vision is to support cultural diversity and strengthen the role of culture in young people’s life.


Previous experience


We have successfully implemented the following projects:

December, 2001 - May, 2002: Organized and coordinated with the support of the LIGP/USA program, “Teaching Innovations in Rivne Schools”. Prepared a detailed plan of actions and budget estimates for workshops, seminars, trainings, organized events to explore new ways of networking, sharing experiences and disseminating teaching ideas to make teaching more relevant, up-to-dated, engaging, and responsive; organized computer training courses for the Internet project work, prepared reports and presentations, etc.

January, 2003 - October, 2003: Initiated and conducted the project “All-Year- Round Leaders’ School” ( US Embassy, PAS) to support the creation of the US Alumni Ukrainian Net, conducted training sessions for the leaders of the regional initiative groups of the Alumni.

April, 2004 - December, 2004: “Anthology of the Adapted Innovations” (publication of the collection of articles on the interactive, innovative methodological approaches in teaching worked out/adapted by the US Alumni.)

May, 2004 - June, 2004: Rivne Local coordinator of I’EARN-Ukraine in the “Internet social project for the disabled people “Marching to Internet Together” with the support of the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine. Tasks: coordinating and net- working, mobilizing, managing and delivering all the inputs required from local partners for successful setup and work of the Regional Rehabilitation Centre for disabled children, creating in partnership the web site for the students.

April - November, 2005: “Building Donor Partnerships for Providing the Equal Access to Quality Education”. Democracy Grants, US Embassy. Work in field of community/school mobilization and partnership building, organizing/conducting meetings with local authorities, NGOs an business, maintaining accurate budgetary and programmatic reporting, conducting trainings for the village and small towns school directors and the community members, publishing booklets, CD, compiling reports on activities of the project as needed, conducting the presentational events in Ukraine, etc.

February-April, 2006: Coordinated the project “The TESOL Network Development”, Regional English Language Office, PAS, U.S. Embassy Organized and conducted the outreach meetings in the Rivne region with the presentation of the TESOL organization, Logistics and support for the training sessions for the leaders of the created local TESOL groups, wrote and published articles for the Newsletter, prepared presentations for the TESOL Ukraine Leaders’ Meeting.

May, 2009 - October, 2009: IREX “Creation of Rural Media Centers in Polonne District Schools”. Centers maintained regular communications with partners and donors; assisted changing the character of students-school-community through local community mobilization, conducted/organized training sessions, net-worked for the creation of the district schools Media I-net, web sites creation, organized School for Young reporters and web designers.

December, 2012 - February, 2013: “Youth in Action”. The program aimed to prepare the part of the program and work out the plan for the educational non-formal activities and communication in the international camp, to conduct the workshops for the mixed groups of students.

Ferbuary - June, 2017; October-May, 2019: The Volunteer Social and Educational Project “Activation of Foreign Language Practice of ATO

Participants” based on the Rivne Regional Scientific and Methodological Centre for Innovations in Education of Rivne State University of Humanities.

June, 2019: International youth project Erasmus+ “Tolerance and Intercultural Dialogue” Cultural Youth Exchange in Rivne (Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Italy, England) aimed to develop different types of tolerance – ethnic, social, gender, religious, age, economical, political. Series of presentations, workshops, trainings, discussions, debates and social research promoted the effective intercultural dialogue among the participants.

October, 2019: Training course in Romania “BUILD”. Project main objectives were: to promote the European Union’s opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities and youth workers through Key Action 3 of Erasmus+ among 1500 participants from 19 countries during the entire implementation of the project; to develop the specific skills to approach the young people with fewer opportunities’ needs and challenges in structured dialogue projects and inclusive youth policies of youth workers from 19 countries during the training and coaching program;  to include the needs and challenges of young people with fewer opportunities from different local communities, identified after different consultations, into the local youth strategies and policies through  structured dialogue projects.



Halyna Nikolaichuk

Rivne State University of Humanities

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Addres: Plastova str. 31/307,

Rivne 33300, Ukraine

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